CD-i may not have the best reputation on the internet, but that doesn't mean there aren't any good games.

In my opinion one of the best games on the console is The Apprentice.
As a project I have remade this game in Unity and can be played for free here.

During the course of the project I have made several tools that can decode information stored on CD-i game discs. A bunch of which I made maps of.

Many of the games I played had big areas that you either couldn't fully explore or were difficult to even reach, if you could even reach these areas. Micro Machines and Dimo's Quest are just two examples of games that have places you can't reach. Games like Family Games' Full Attack were notoriously difficult to complete. Of the four levels I never got past the third. The same goes for Buzz Off on Family Games II; that one has eight levels (of which I never saw the last five)! Sometimes the map is seamless, but divided into screen-sized sections. One such map is present in Zelda's Adventure; easily the most beautiful game available on CD-i. Where else do you find realistic graphics on a '90s console? I know there are versions out there, but they're all scaled down or crappy in quality (damn you for using JPEG!). Another aspect many people don't realize is that a lot of games have secrets, or other hidden features that aren't easily revealed. Lucky Luke has transport points in each of the maps where you're not riding Jolly Jumper or a minecart!

I've spent quite a bit of time trying to map these games, often finding new things.

I'd like to share these findings.

8th of February, 2020, at 23:57

t seems I accidentally introduced a crash-causing bug when I added the support for INI files.
The hard-coded path to my test environment wasn't removed when I published the game.

The latest version (11.3e) has this fixed.

There's also an increase in support for split disc images. just in case ISObuster ever creates bin files instead of iso files when ripping the original disc. It now longer matters which extension the resulting tracks have.
They do still have to begin with "Track 00", "Track 01", etc..

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My journey to try and play The Apprentice led me here. I picked up an original copy from a charity shop for £1 in Aug 2023! I could not get it working via emulation on PC nor could I create working image of the disk (which was strange as i had no issues with other CDI titles). All i can say is thank you for this site, your guide helped me get the game working with your Port. I don\\\'t know how on earth you managed that in Unity? Wow! You rock.

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Your port of the best CD-i game is amazing! I don\\\'t know how you did it, but you\\\'re a genius. I just have one small issue: the \\\"Invincibility\\\" \\\"on\\\" (under \\\"Highscores\\\") option doesn\\\'t change anything. So it has to be?

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