Family Games

Table of contents:
- Full Attack
- Skid Kart
- Joukisen

Full Attack

I never got farther than the Icy section... Having to go through the first two sections again did always take a few lives.

1: Weird
2: Trash
3: Icy
4: Wild

base collision

Skid Kart

Once you reach the 8th level of Skid Kart and manage to find enough flags, you can't do much until time runs out (there's no exit!). The one thing that does change, is the ability to take sweet sweet revenge on the blue and pink cars as you can now destroy THEM!

Level 1
Level 1 Secrets
Level 2
Level 2 Secrets
Level 3
Level 4
Level 4 Secrets
Level 5
Level 5 Secrets
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8


Joukisen is named differently on the disc: "Yokosan".
One of many games that could have gotten a bit more attention. There's unfortunately no music in-game, and the story is far from complete.
The goal is to collect all Geishas (the screaming ladies) and the mirror fragments (saucepan looking things).
They are both required to trigger the ending.
I couldn't find the underground passage information, or the invisible maze through the glass shards. A pity.