Zelda's Adventure

Table of contents:
- Overworld map
- Single screen view

Overworld map

Zelda's Adventure has one of the most beautiful maps out on the CD-i, but many of those available on the 'net are low quality and small in dimensions, and simply don't do it justice.
But here you can view it in lossless quality, straight from the disc!

The viewer of this map has a bit of (experimental) JavaScript. It may not work on every browser out there, but at least it works on Firefox 54, Chrome 60, IE11 (must allow ActiveX though..) and probably some versions that are a little older.
Use your mouse (perhaps it works with fingers on a tablet/phone) to scroll through the world.
There's a minimap to show you where you are.
You can also drag the minimap for fast-travel!

Single screen view

This section shows you which sprites can be found on which screen.
Including unused sprites. For example, have you ever seen the surfer on the west coast near the volcano?
Or ever acquired a trumpet from the talking mushroom north of the cave that has the Harp?
Or a trident on the southeast border between the swamp and the beach?
Or the fishing net near there?

There's two layers (background and metadata), 1 overworld, 7 dungeons, and Ganon's Gauntlet to view. All screens and sprites accounted for.
The directional texts move the viewer 1 screen in that direction.
The minimap (red blocks) can be used to instant-travel there.
The green block is where you are now.
You can visit black blocks, but there's no map data.